Contact us is a club in Azerbaijan that systematically organizes activities to bring together hundreds of tennis enthusiasts, provide tournament experience, watch various tennis competitions, and promote this form of sport publicly. The club also fosters unity and friendship among tennis enthusiasts of various levels, ensuring their continuity in the sport and determining their game rankings.

Established in March 2007 in Baku, the club has operated under different names at various times. Initially named "Baku Tennis Club," the club was known as "Tennis Factory" from 2015 to 2018 and then achieved success under the name "Tennis League" from 2018 to 2022. Since June 15, 2022, it has presented itself as "," expanding its activities further.

Since November 2018, the club has been organizing the "International Tennis League" event every month, with the participation of over 100 tennis enthusiasts. Additionally, with the support of its partners, the club organizes large and small-scale amateur tennis tournaments.

"" gains recognition in the international arena by participating in competitions held in foreign countries.

Currently, the club operates at 113 Samed Vurgun Street in Baku, providing all necessary facilities for people to play and learn tennis. Join and experience the excitement of tennis with us!

It's all in your hands!